Thursday, September 10, 2015 BYU announces improvements to football game day experience...with LDSREPORT commentary!

This basically boils down to improved cell phone connectivity, stats always being displayed, and a reduction in the annoying, repetitive advertising. Forgive us for being skeptical, but we will for Saturday to see if any of these happen. More commentary after the jump....

We are rather surprised that the traffic flow solution is "longer light cycles". That will be helpful. However, most major venues change significant numbers of important streets into one-way traffic to spread the congestion away from the venue as quickly as possible. Perhaps that wouldn't be effective with only one interstate, but we are surprised it isn't attempted. Or perhaps it is and we simply missed it.

Then there is the concession issue. The opening statement is spot on for the BYU fan demographic: 'We understand that our fans tend to have large families and price is an important issue.' Great, thanks for validating a concern of many fans. But this is what immediately follows: 'Typically prices are set based on costs, such as food, labor and overhead.' Do you believe that for a second? Prices are set in an attempt to maximize revenue, not cost. In a closed venue environment, choice are severely limited, allowing prices to be set higher. Next comes this gem: 'We compared our pricing with data from 40 similar institutions across the country. We learned our pricing structure is comparable to many of the other schools we studied.' These are seemingly contradictory statements. So which is it, are prices based on cost or are they typical for a college stadium? It's highly unlikely that food, labor, and overhead costs are that close at the '40 similar institutions across the country'. 

Don't get us wrong. We appreciate the efforts for improvement by BYU. Hopefully we are off in the way that we are reading some of these statements, but they seem to be an attempt to placate some concerns rather than provide real solutions and direct answers.

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