Thursday, September 17, 2015

Monson: Bronco is finally being Bronco — and it’s a welcome development

'Back before Mendenhall was named head coach at BYU, when he was the defensive coordinator, he was more natural, more himself. He was emotional and a little bit wacko. He did things like wear a T-shirt and shorts to offseason practices in sub-freezing temperatures just to prove to his players what a real man did, how a real man was unaffected by things such as frostbite. After a big win, he once, on the field, repeatedly slammed his body into the chest of one of his players, sharing and celebrating the victory like two Neanderthals fighting over the last piece of meat. When he was a graduate assistant, he lived in his office for months, never using his car. He parked it somewhere on campus, forgot where it was, and later reported it as missing....'

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