Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Bleacher Report: Snakebitten BYU QB Taysom Hill: 'I'm Going to Leave Everything out There'

"Watching Taysom Hill on one of the first days of BYU's fall practice, you'd think he was a sure-shot NFL quarterback prospect. His arm looks lively, and his 6'2", 230-pound, linebacker-like frame shows no signs of limitations or wear as it glides across the field."

Taysom: "I remember the play. It was the beginning of the second quarter against Nebraska, and we had a little option route called. I took the snap and got to the back of my drop. They brought a corner blitz, and the middle linebacker just took off. As a mobile quarterback, when you see that, it's game over. I thought to myself, Let's take it. So I hit that third step, took a little stutter and exploded off my right foot. It's a move I've used maybe 1,000 times. But this time it was different."

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